My First post

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Random

Today, just made my blok.. yaaahh.. maklum lah, I nvr have a blog..

blog ini siih, cm buat resep2 aja sih, g ada yg penting.. biar gampang kalo mw cari resep. I’m gonna add my recipe that I already cooked it, a.k.a resep2 yg udah berhasil aq buat.. hehe. mungkin g cm resep2 aja sih, ada beberapa hal yg laen. My story and my hobby. soo.. moga bermanfaat aja deh.. 😀


selain masak, I really like listen to music (no doubt), traveling (pengennya keliling Indo), photograpy, dll. hehe. and selain itu, I’m just an ordinary girl. :p

Anyeong.. 🙂


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